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Our mission at Northern Mining Equipment is to deliver reliable, efficient, and innovative solutions to our clients. We aim to provide the highest quality heavy equipment, parts, ground-support, and mining services that enable our clients to maximize their productivity, safety, and profitability.

At Northern Mining Equipment, we are passionate about innovation and committed to delivering value to our clients, employees, and partners.

Highlight On Sustainability

Unleash the power of sustainable mining equipment, where efficiency meets eco-consciousness. Engineered to revolutionize the industry while preserving our environment for a greener future.


We’ve partnered with Epiroc Canada to improve our offerings and better support our customers.

Scooptram ST18 SG

Fully battery-electric automation ready underground loader in the 18-tonne segment.

Accelerate The Transformation

The world needs metals and minerals for the energy transition and we need cities that can cope with a growing population in a sustainable way. To succeed we need to speed up the shift towards a more sustainable mining and construction industry. We at Epiroc accelerate this transformation.

Automation and Information Management

We provide automated solutions that increase utilization and productivity in the mining and infrastructure industry.

The Zero-Emission Fleet

A battery-driven electric fleet brings savings on maintenance, ventilation and cooling and provides a powerful opportunity to lessen the environmental footprint and create a healthier work environment for miners everywhere.

Epiroc Batteries

High performance – zero emissions.

Steel and GFRP Products

We provide you with solutions for both active and passive methods of rock support wherever you are.

Injection Resins

From ultra-foaming to high strength and fast setting, our injection resins anchor, consolidate and control gases, water and strata in all types of ground conditions for mining and construction projects.

Sprayed Membranes and Coatings

This innovative technology is increasingly popular for waterproofing in low water pressure environments.